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The SALTO CU50ENSVN is an On Line Control Unit that can have 1 or 2 wall readers connected and has 2 control relay outputs and has SALTO Virtual Net (SVN) capabilities. Cards are automatically updated with the latest changes in the access plan, it records the user audit into the PC, provides advanced information on battery status and continually updates the cancelled ID carrier black list.
Access control changes can be carried out on the SALTO software and are then actioned at these control units in real time. It provides full on line features via the networked live link such as door monitoring status, remotely controlling door opening and Roll Call.

Main features:

SVN capabilities in order to manage the XS4 stand alone electronic handle sets, Electronic cylinder and off line control units:

The ability to add or delete access privileges at will to the ID carriers.
The ability to program in 256 different time zones.
Carry out updating tasks changing access times/days using up to 50 different calendars.
The ability to validate the expiry date of key cards on any SVN on-line wall reader.
The ability to add security through additional authenticated validation procedures including pin codes as well the ability to blacklist cards from the system.
On card audit-trailing to track staff or visitor movement.
Lock specific battery power data is registered on any card using the lock – staff or visitor – and transferred back to the PC control software via any update reader just by using the system.

Real time Access Control changes:
Live monitoring of user entry and exit through the control unit.
Live audit trail build up on the software.
Door monitoring status for forced door and door left open scenarios.
Remote door opening from software.
Door lock out, or lock open emergency setting from software.
The control unit can be included in a roll call set up used, for example, for user location monitoring etc.

•Read in – Read out locking, with 2 wall readers used back to back.
•Relay output 2 has the ability to work in several different modes.
•Anti pass back mode available by connecting 2 wall readers, ideal for controlling use of main entrances, parking barriers (IN&OUT), elevators (with Relay extension board), etc.
•It can also be used with the SALTO WRMPK key pad for user verification and PIN code only mode access.
•Firmware upgradable by means of PPD Firmware Updater.
•Capability to control temporary 4 external relay outputs (with EB5008).
•Works as online Hub up to 40 On Line Energy Saving Devices.
•Request to Exit (RTE) switch input.
•Door and tamper monitoring via contacts input.
•Connected to standard Ethernet/WIFI network.
•Managed by software.
•Works off line if network connection is lost (except for updates).
•Compatible with all the Salto WRM (except WRM1000).
•Deleted user or cancelled cards removed live through the network link.
•Set up made through online connection directly from the PC.
•Update made through online connection directly from the PC.
•Data transfer security: All communications between the CU and the PC are encrypted by a proprietary algorithm. In addition the CU is protected by a 3DES encrypted challenge / response.
•Maximum user number: 64.000.
•Maximum door number: 64.000.
•Maximum events on audit: Unlimited in on line mode. In off line mode 3000 audits.
•Timezones: 256.
•Time periods: 30.
•Calendars in system: 256.
•Zones in system: 1.024.
•User groups: unlimited.

Opening modes:

•Standard (locked at all times).
•Office (free passage).
•Timed Office (automatic locking at end time).
•Automatic opening (8 pairs of “hands free” timed lock and unlocks per day
with holidays).
•Automatic Opening + Office.
•Toggle (present card to lock, present card to unlock).
•Timed toggle (automatic locking at end time).
•Toggle + Automatic Opening.
•Keypad Only.
•Timed Key pad.
•Key + PIN.
•Timed key + PIN.
•Automatic changes.

Technical data:

•Current required: 12v DC/ 500mA 6VA adaptor included.
•Number of wall readers: 2
•Connection to the wall reader: UTP CAT 5 standard cable.
•Maximum distance to the reader: 100m.
•Number of relays: 2 (Optionally extended to 128, see relay extension board).
•Relay output: Maximum current of the contact to relay 16 A at 250 VAC with resistive loads and 8 A at 250 VAC with inductive Loads and 16A at 24VDC.
•Cabling to the relay: Determined by load.
•Temperature: -20o to 80oC.

CE: CE EN 55022 (1994), Class B
EN 61000-6-1 (2001)
EN 61000-6-2 (2001)
EN 61000-4-2 (1995)
EN 61000-4-3 (1995)
EN 55024 (1998)



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