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DPS – Double Profile System

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DPS Double profile system

The Triple Security

The DPS system is characterised by two crossed and overlapping profiles which work independently from each other.

  • Legal key protection through patents: e.g. Euro Patent no. 0566.701
  • Drilling protection because of hardened steel plates and pins.
  • Wear resistance and durability due to special plug pins and the springless profile side bar.
  • Also available as modular system

How does it work?

The key is checked upon insertion in the cylinder plug when inserted by the plug rib profile,the side bar (springlessly controlled by a curve in the body) and the locking pins.

A newly created second profile system overlaps the length profile.Both profiles are independent in position and type.

There is constantly at least a quadruple overlapping of the plug profile, which protects against picking.



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