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DPE - Double Profile Extended

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DPE technology

DPE (Double Profile Extended) is a 6+1-pin system. When the key is inserted in the key way, checks are carried out in the cylinder plug by

• plug rib profile,
• a profile locking bar (which is controlled by a curve in the body; no springs used)
• and an additional control pin.


•The special longitudinal profile system is specifically adapted for the cross-section profile retainer and therefore results in strong key cross-sections.
•Large profile cross-sections of 0.5 mm2 in the variable profiles guarantee lasting differentiation between the different profile versions.
•The key is precisely centred by the special profile rib design, ensuring the key can be inserted without any difficulty.
•Constant overlapping of a least 4 plug ribs in the scanning area provides optimum picking protection
•Individual differences in profiles are fully effective - no profile variations in the lower key bitting section.
•Modular design


The key is precisely centred by the special profile ridge structure, ensuring the DPE key is easily inserted. Keys guarantee maximum protection against copying. The system has three different safeguards that protect keys against being copied or tampered with:

•Managed protection

EVVA or EVVA Partners only make keys for authorised individuals with required proof of entitlement, such as a security card.

•Legal protection

Keys are only manufactured for sale by EVVA and specialist companies authorised by EVVA. What's more, EVVA protects against the unauthorised manufacturing of DPE keys by means of patented features on the key.

•Technical protection

Keys have technical features that require specialised machines and a high level of expertise for their manufacture.

The DPE cylinder has a modular design and technical features to protect against break-ins:

•Scanning protection
•Protection against drilling
•Optional: additional protection against pulling out the core

DPE cylinders comply with EN 1303: 2005 in locking security grade 6 and break-in resistance grade 2. As standard they are suitable for fire and smoke doors EI 30 and E 30.

Function and advantages of the modular design

The module system enables you to adjust cylinder lengths yourself on site, or to assign a particular function to cylinders (e.g. lockable on both sides). As a result, you benefit from flexible solutions and reduce the time and expense for installation.

•Cylinder lengths can be set as required.
•If it is unclear what cylinder length is needed, cylinders can be assembled at the required length on site.
•EVVA partners can offer services from our complete range of products based on your requirements and flexibly respond to all customer requests.
•The clearly arranged EVVA assembly case ensures that everything is kept in order.
•The range of products can be gradually extended according to requirements.
•The variation parts are compatible with all systems.
•Storage costs are minimised.


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