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Our goal is your safety. Whether you decide between mechanical or protection based on modern information technologies, our team of experts will offer you the optimum solution. A wide range of reputable manufacturers, as well as world-class companies in the field of security systems, which are our partners, guarantee the highest quality service and products we provide.

For us, quality is always in first place, because it guarantees security.

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We are exclusive distributors of the Austrian company EVVA which is the leading Manufacturers of security cylinders in Europe.

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In electronic systems we offer you the most modern technological solutions in the field of access control and electronic security systems. Our partner in this field is a Spanish company SALTO SYSTEMS, which is world leading access control equipment manufacturer.

Whether you need to manage a hotel, apartments, motel, office building, swimming pool, hospital, bank, university, or any facility where access control is neccessary to certain areas, we have the ideal solution for you, with the latest RFID technology and wrom now on RFID wireless that allows an unlimited number of applications.


Whether you're looking for a solution for the security of your apartment, home, business premises, or want to improve and modernize the organization of your company or hotel, we offer the right solution. Access control systems implementing the "Master key" systems where exactly defined which key unlocks some doors, while the keys are made for managers who have access to a particular group or all of the premises, depending on your needs. Access control system can be implemented and electronic, ie. using SALTO product. This system can realize the access control solutions for both individual and large systems that may be geographically dislocated. Also, this system offers the possibility of keeping computer records of the movement in your system.


Installation, service and maintenance

For all of our products you get guaranteed professional installation, in case of more complex systems commissioning, testing system and training your staff. Be sure you will get in one place the top product, the right advice and quality implementation.
Cooperation with customers for us does not stop after buying the product. After buying your security and comfort are our priorities. For all of our products is assured that the service is within the warranty period and after that. The modifications and upgrades of security sistems can move up depending on your needs.

Become our client and Sleep peacefully.
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Narval d.o.o. - Security Systems

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